Saturday, January 24, 2015


There are still forest of aspen and pine,
 Mountain places where trails peter out, And the Wind begins, 
Trackless Tundra,
Dark gliding swamps,
Grasslands that have never been mown, 
And the Earth has mysterious ways
Of reclaiming its own.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Echos of The Old Ones

The Healing Horse

My inspiration is from the Healing Horse Who
Chose Me...With his ancient genetic Line Back
Dun primitive stripe markings. 
His Horse Spiritis of The Old Ones, 
The Ones Who Have Gone Before...
We ride the wind to
Places beyond this earth 

A broken song beneath the snow
The echo of a soaring joy,
A shape in the mist,
A touch in the rain,
In wilderness you come again...
You tell us what we used to know...
You speak for all the free wild things
Whose ways were ours
When the Wind had wings...
----By Elise Maclay---